Pentafrost Kft.

Salted Beef Omasum

Salted Beef Omasum

We are engaged in the processing of Frozen or dry beef,Boneless or with Bone Meat Products. salted beef omasum 500 to 850 gm salted beef omasum 850 to 1 kg salted buffalo omasum 850 gm to 1 kg salted omasum 1 kg to 1500 gm Beef Offals- Salted Omasum, Frozen Omasum , Tongue , Tails, Tripes, Heart, Liver, Kidney, Lungs, Brain, Tendons, Trachea, Paddy Wack, Knuckle, Buffalo Tongue, Buffalo Trachea, Frozen etc.

Payment Terms : TT wire bank transfer payment. For more details, send your inquiry.

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Port Constanta Port
Payment Terms T/T
Packaging Details Standard