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Almond Nuts

Almond Nuts

Since establishment, our organization has associated with leading traders and dealers. Thus, we serve patrons in Debrecen(Hungary) without any problem. We are supported by an advanced packaging system and make use of only high quality packing materials for ensuring complete safety during handling, warehousing and transit.

Details :

  • Name - Almond Nuts
  • Processing Type - Raw
  • Style - Dried
  • Taste - Sweet High Quality Extra Fresh Almond nuts variety is being produced with very good quality. It is very popular in diets. These almonds are ideal for preventing cardiovascular problems.
  • As we work directly SIZES OF ALMONDS Unpeeled Shelled - 10/11mm - 11/12mm - 12/13mm - 13/14mm - B/14 mm - S/14 mm - S/15 mm Shelled & Blanched - 12/14mm - 13/14mm - 14/16mm - S/14 mm - S/15 mm - S/16 mm


Type Nuts
Place of Origin usa
Packaging 25kg to 50kg bags